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House Measurement

Tax Records are rarely correct and to accurately determine the value of your home you need to know the true square footage. DallasAppraiser.com offers a competitively priced home measurement service starting at $150 which includes the dwelling as well as all attached or detached garages and most outbuildings such as guest houses or metal buildings. For a small additional fee we will provide the interior dimensions of the rooms in your house. Whether you are listing your home and you think it is larger than tax records, or you are paying too much in taxes because you believe it is smaller, we will provide the accurate square footage of your home.


estate settlement

The legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate is called Probate. Dissolution of the estate entails listing and determining the value of the assets of the estate which usually includes real estate. Handling such affairs is often difficult for the family. For that reason, it is important to ensure that any property involved is correctly valued by experienced and properly licensed professionals who can help you speed things along stress free. In probate situations, it is common for the property appraiser to perform a retrospective home appraisal. Even though the property might be inspected today, the appraised value would be based upon a previous date (typically the date of death of the owner of the property, hence the term “date of death” appraisal). An experienced real estate attorney can help with the legal matters and a local real estate appraiser will provide you with an unbiased opinion value of the real estate assets.   

Selling your home

Price, value and worth are totally different things in the real estate world. If you are thinking of selling your home with a Realtor, or putting it up for sale by owner, it is in your best interest to get an appraisal from a local certified real estate appraiser. You could rely on Zillow.com to provide a computer generated “Zestimate” of your home’s value, or a listing agent can provide a comparable market analysis (CMA), as means of pricing your real estate. A real estate appraisal is an objective opinion of value which takes into consideration what a well informed and typically motivated buyer would pay for a property by reviewing the history of previous buyers in your market area. In addition, most buyers who require financing will be required to get their own appraisal before a home sale. By ordering your own independent appraisal, you will know the true square footage of your home. You will be in a position to price your property competitively and negotiate a final sale.


Things don't always go as planned. If you are planning to file for bankruptcy and own real property (your home), you will more than likely need to provide proof of the value of your real property. Having your home valued by a local Appraiser, experienced in bankruptcy appraisals, is a necessary and crucial step in the bankruptcy process. You and your bankruptcy attorney should review the report very carefully. It is in your best interest to hire a local certified property appraiser with experience conducting bankruptcy home appraisals in your area to determine the Fair Market Value of your home..      



Property Taxes

Nobody likes paying too much for taxes. Property Tax, sometimes called an ad valorem tax, is imposed by the local government and is based on the property's equalized assessed value combined with the applicable local tax rate. DallasAppraiser.com is well versed in property tax appeals and property assessment appraisals. To find out if you are paying the correct amount of tax, you need to know your property’s fair market value as well as how similar properties in your neighborhood are being assessed. Tax records may have incorrect information such as square footage, bedroom count, bathroom count or other improvements on the property. Changes in condition can also impact how much you pay for taxes. DallasAppraiser.com can provide a professional and unbiased appraisal to support the claim that your property’s market value is less than the county assessment.  While we cannot guarantee you that your taxes will be lowered, will will provide you credible market supported evidence to support your claim.

Real estate professionals

In the fast paced and highly competitive Dallas real estate market, having the accurate square footage and fair market value of the property you represent will set you apart from your peers and provide your clients with the reassurance that they are dealing with a true professional. Every house is different and many neighborhoods in Dallas have unique features that can make determining an accurate price difficult. What do you do when a house backs to a busy road? What effect do upgrades have on value?  What repairs are required for a property so that it will qualify for FHA financing?  Should you consider this garage conversion or casita as square footage? You can rely on us to provide reliable home measurements as well as accurate and quick appraisals for pre listings or private buyers. Feel free to give us a call if you ever have a question about the appraisal process. We want to be your go to source for appraisals in East Dallas.


When you are looking for a quality local appraisal, remember DallasAppraiser.com is 100% committed to accuracy, objectivity, and customer service. We have an excellent track record of providing an accurate appraisal with timely updates and quick turnaround times. This in reduces our client’s time, efforts and overall costs. Our clients include banks, credit unions and other lending institutions as well as mortgage brokers and appraisal management companies, investors, real estate brokers, attorneys, and private individuals. We serve eastern Dallas County which includes the surrounding cities of Mesquite, Garland, Sunnyvale, Rowlett, Forney and other small cities within 15 miles of the 75150 zip code.


Buying a new property

Getting the most out of your money is something we all have in common. When you are about to invest in you and your family's future, it becomes even more important to make sure that you have peace of mind in your choice of home purchase. By hiring a local, professional real estate appraiser on your own, you are getting an unbiased expert opinion of the home’s worth based on today’s ever changing real estate market. Having an appraisal of the home you are considering prior to signing on the dotted line will reduce the risk of overpaying, serve as a negotiating tool if the list price of the home is higher than the appraised value, and provide insight as to how a lender may value the property, if you are considering obtaining a mortgage. Having an appraisal completed before entering into a legal contract may help avoid a future problem as well as save valuable time and money.                                                                                                                              

divorce settlement

The law surrounding divorce is complex and every situation is unique. Even when a divorce settlement is uncontested the court may require each person to complete a financial affidavit. An accurate and impartial Marriage Dissolution Appraisal of your home is an important part of negotiating a divorce settlement. A retrospective appraisal may be needed when a property was acquired prior to marriage. Also, if you sell your property at a loss you’ll need to determine how much of that loss was incurred during the marriage. A local certified Appraiser, experienced in divorce appraisals, will help you and your lawyer to determine the Fair Market Value of your property.